Samantha Barnes Artist is

Our world is full of beautiful things visual things, particularly living things.  In my world, animals are equal to humans.  I make contemporary, decorative artworks to enhance our homes or to give as stylish gifts to loved ones. 

My studio is full of research.  Drawings, Paintings and Prints I make for projects I’ve yet to complete.   My finished artworks come from my tummy, not my head.

I work in my studio in Suffolk.


It is SO important to support causes and I believe that every business needs to proudly display their efforts.

In truth, I’ve found it hard to settle on my causes, there are so many that do brilliant things. Over the past year, I have donated 4 canvas portraits to charities in order to raise money. These portraits were offered at auction and I’m happy to report that over £1,200 has been raised by my offering and completing them.

I also made donations to The Dogs Trust for every canvas I painted from November, through to March of this year.

I’m also proud to be have been working with a local youth company for the past 12 months, helping out with marketing, planning & fundraising.

But now it’s time to get a bit more involved.

  • I’m looking to partner my local Rehoming Centre here in Suffolk. I don’t want to say too much about this now, but I’m keen to become more involved with them and we are currently working out the best way to do this.

  • I’m making enquiries about becoming a dog fostering family, particularly for older dogs.

  • Writing more about rehoming. My blog is becoming more popular which I’m thrilled about. It’s hard work but I enjoy it and it’s great to chat all things dog, work, family and studio time. On it, I’m going to promote rehoming much more.

These are things that I’m working on now. I have a quota of four paintings per year that I’m happy to donate. If you need to raise funds and would like to offer a portrait, email me on and let’s chat.

Thank you for reading my post.