Do you have more than one pet?

Two or more dogs, a beloved fish, canary or Lama all of which you love as much as the other?

I have an idea.

How about I paint your full set?

Or, would you like a painting of some of your beloved animals that are no longer with us? A beautiful line of canvases, featuring every dog you have ever owned? How about all those beautiful puppies that are now with other families?

I love to paint multiples.

Below you can read a case study of a commission that I am working on right now, along with one recently completed.

Needless to say, if you have any questions feel free to email me on or call me on 07891 698 847 to chat through your idea.

Case Study 1.

A Nine Dog Family

Nine Dog Family Portrait by

Meet this beautiful family of dogs, living VERY happy lives here in Suffolk.

Initial Chats:

I met this wonderful Client earlier this year after her contacting me about paintings her mum’s dog for a big 80th surprise. Together we worked on Maisies’ portrait, she was a beautiful mix of Jack Russell and Corgi. Completing Maisie, my client then began to think about her own family of 9 dogs, mostly rescues now living wonderful lives in a family home.

We talked potential dimensions of the canvases and about how they might sit together on the wall in the room she would like to hang them. A date was then made for me to visit & photograph the room itself, and of course the 9 beautiful woofers.

It was huge fun. Our children were on holidays, so mine came along to help, and hers were there too to help in making decisions and photographing each dog in turn.

During the visit, I got to know about the dogs from each of the family members. Who was the top dog, which of them had wonderful quirks and how individually each woofer got to be a part of this heavenly collection.

It took about an hour & a half and it was such a great visit, I loved all the children being there too.

Once home, I transferred all my hundred photographs onto my computer and began a file on each dog. Selecting photographs which would give me the strongest based to work from, I cropped, highlighted and dropped them into graphic packages I work with in order to really hone down the strongest and most reflective images of the dogs themselves.

I then printed them all out, beginning a beloved clipboard (I keep clipboards for all my projects, love them as they are so good to work from!)

Sorting the dogs in to order of age, height and personality I began making sketches.

My client and I decided to work on canvases (deep box ones so no need for framing) which are 20 x 20cm each. These would best show enough of the dog’s faces and texture of their fur, whilst also leaving enough room for me to get creative with their compositions (that is where they sit on the canvas). They would also look beautiful hung together in rows of three, forming a perfect square.

 Technically, there is a mistake here - Mouse, (the bottom dog isn’t the Boss! That’s Minnie) my mistake is corrected - this is why communications during the preparatory stage are brilliant!

Technically, there is a mistake here - Mouse, (the bottom dog isn’t the Boss! That’s Minnie) my mistake is corrected - this is why communications during the preparatory stage are brilliant!

It’s going well. I’m far from completion but I have promised my client that they will all be home for Christmas! So far I’ve painted about 5 of them, REALLY initial stages and each painting is very likely to be changed as I paint. Last week, I invited my client to the studio so that she might see where I am at with them. I could have emailed her but as she is local, it was great that she could pop by.

This is always a nervy time for me, but I’m well-versed in commissioned work and only want the very best for my clients during the whole process of first chats, the process of making the paintings to the final delivery. I welcome feedback and am happy to make changes where discussed. When working with clients via email, this part is done via my ‘NOT FINISHED YET’ email which is duly sent as I begin painting, it’s a fun and crucial stage in the development of the painting.

I’m delighted to say that my client is thrilled and therefore so I am.

Below you can see where I am at with my paintings, I’ll post up more as I travel through the various stages.

I’d by lying if I said that this wonderful project hasn’t left me thirsty for more multiple commissions, I am so enjoying working on them altogether.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

If you are interested in having your own dog painted, please feel free to contact me on or call me on 07891 698 847 for initial chats.

Best wishes, Samantha

You can see where I’m at below, remember they are ‘NOT FINISHED YET!’ Why a black & white photography though? Because I think my clients really need to be the very first to see the finished things, it’s only fair (& polite).

9 Dog Family Portrait in progress, by