Christmas Dog Portraits by

Are you interested in giving a beautiful bespoke Painting or Drawing as a Christmas Gift?

Something really special that no one else on this planet will have?

We have options…

  • An Original Bespoke Painting, in time for December 25th

  • An Original Line Drawing, in time for Christmas

  • A Beautiful Gift Certificate for a Drawing or a Painting, allowing me to work directly with lucky dogparent of the dog.

    All options are lovely.

Firstly, it’s important to stress that I have a painting cut off date of around the 5th - 8th December, so THE EARLIER you express an interest, the better.

For Dog Drawings, my cut off date is slightly later at 15th December, though I can’t guarantee spaces until you make your confirmed booking with me.

Below are some more details about each option. Needless to say, if you have any questions, please email me on or call me direct on 07891 698 847.

I can’t wait to get started!

Samantha. christmas commissions
Christmas Dog Portraits by

An Original Painting or Drawing, In Time For Christmas 2018

This is absolutely a possibility. We are currently in September and I have some drawing and painting spots available to complete your painting in time for December 25th.

The procedure is simple & enjoyable.

  • Whizz me an email or call direct on my number above, we can then chat deadlines.

  • Gather together 6 - 8 photographs of the dog you would like me to paint, at least 4. They don’t need to be of amazing quality.

  • Decide on your canvas size. 40 x 40cm is my most popular size, although you can have 50 x 50cm, 60 x 60cm or sometimes smaller canvases too, depending on my bookings for that month. All the canvases I use to paint on are deep box at about 4cm. This reduces the need for framing as they can go directly onto the wall. All drawings are A3 in size, that is 31 x 42cm.

  • Pay a deposit to secure your commission. 50% up front and 50% on completion of your painting.

  • When your painting is completed, let me know if you would like to have it gift-wrapped (free of charge) I’m happy to do this for all my clients.

  • Postage & Packaging is charged at a standard fee of £5 within the UK. £30 for overseas.

  • Thats it!

You can read FAQ’s here about the painting process.

Gift Certificates.

This is a lovely way of working too.

I have some beautiful, especially designed, 350gsm Gift Certificates which allow me to personalise each one purchased.. (please see below).

Gift Certificate.png

The Benefits of purchasing a Gift Voucher are…

  • I get to work directly with the owner of the dog I’m painting.

  • They get to choose background colours & tones with me (if I’m painting, drawings don’t need one)

  • They can select the photographs they would like me to work from.

  • I may even get to meet the dog, sometimes this can really help when painting them.

  • You get to purchase & give - not having to make any of the above decisions.

  • You still get to be the best gift-giver ever.

Important facts about Gift Vouchers.

Your Gift Voucher is to be used within ONE YEAR of purchase.

My usual terms apply. You can find them here on my FAQ’s page.

Postage & Packaging is charged at £5 within the UK. For oversees shipping, a £30 supplement is applied.