How About You Pay For Your Bespoke Dog Painting Month By Month?

I like paying for things month to month.  I keep sensible but part-payment offers me flexibility in paying for things I really want to have that are too much of a stretch for me to pay for outright.    So, with this in mind, I am happy to offer what works for me - to you! 

So far, a number of clients are working this way and it's going well.  

Together we work out a  monthly payment affordable for you.  I accept payments from £25 upwards per month.  We can work over however many months your payment is set to & your painting is completed in the duration.   Your portrait is released to upon full payment, or very near to.

Needless to say, the standard of painting is exactly the same and we work together as I do with all my clients to make the best painting possible of your best friend.

pay monthly option from

So let's chat about your painting.  Email me on

Best, Samantha