The Power Of Asking My Customers.

When it comes to asking questions, it’s easy to bail!  It’s easy to keep the business of making decisions to yourself, then when the wrong one is made, go & hide behind a rock until the consequences are over.    

My question in the post is when the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and asked a question to the masses?  I’d love to know.

For a few months now, clients have asked me if I’m going to make any prints of the dog portraits I’ve completed.  When customers ask, it means I’m missing something - I began making enquiries about making said dog paintings into art prints.

I’ve experience of these.  In the 90’s I enjoyed runaway success with Edition Prints of my work. The paintings I was making then, reflected the time and my work proved popular.  It was great. They were simply made by my then publisher who turned up to my studio with a mere 2000 of each one for me to sign.

Gone are those days now, the art print publishing trade expanded so much that every gallery up and down the country had masses of them, filling planchests, frames on walls and more.  The bottom fell out of them over about 5/7 years.

Then technology upped its game and we artists had options to make our own choosing our medium to print on.  This made for great fun whilst experimenting and I enjoyed making them & selling them myself, primarily via my shop from about 2010 they saved us in a nasty recession.

Since then I’ve not really made many, just continued some of the lines of my animal drawings that continually sell well today.  I don’t make Greetings Cards, Calendars or others, I just painting and printmake on my own press using the drypoint method (very much like drawing and each handmade.).

Until recently.

When ipaintdogs came along.   That was almost a year ago now, and over that year I’ve enjoyed making about 30 or 40 bespoke paintings of dogs for owners.    This makes for a lovely collection of dogs.

So now, I’m going to make some more.  Digital prints of my dog portraits, celebrating different breeds and sharing some of my most popular portraits, including Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Jack Russells and more.

The development period of producing a new line of offerings is  l o n g and challenging. Once decided, it was time to find the prints that I wanted to make.  I visited local printers, ordered samples alongside deciding on sizes of prints, colour backgrounds or not - it’s not easy.

I had my images, I had my dimensions, now it was time to ask the customer what they wanted to see & buy.

I wrote to all my clients asking if they prefer paper or canvas prints.  The results were amazing.

Prints Graphic

I have my answer, and now I have my new Dog Prints & I’m over-delivering too by FRAMING them all too.

Ask, and you shall be told my friends.

Best, Samantha