Beautiful High End MEAT Doggy Cakes. Would You?

How do you celebrate your furry friends birthday?  A little something extra in the weekly shop or a full on party for all - including Fido's best friends?    This week I've been listening to the very cool Sam Ratcliffe of Vegas Rock Dog Radio - a podcast that I have utterly fallen in love with.  

Petisserie by Julia Green Dog Cakes

On one of Sam's latest podcasts, she interviewed Julia Green of Petisserie - what a lady!    A high end trained chef herself, she spotted a gap in the market for beautifully made celebratory cakes - FOR DOGS!!  I commend her.  Not only did she spot it -  but she went onto train for a further two years in order to create truly amazing, doggy-heaven creations.

Each of her cakes are 'human-worthy' made up entirely of organic vegetables and meat - no sweetness, preservatives or enhanced flavours.  They look so beautiful.    Sadly, Julia doesn't deliver to the UK just yet, but I wish her well.  Her business is booming with orders coming in from all over America, packaging must be a nightmare!

So what did you do on your dog's last birthday?  Barney probably has much to complain about in the cake department, but he still loves the squeaky bone he got  (which is no longer squeaky and is utterly wrecked now).

Over to you - are you going to up your game this year?

Best, Samantha

 Notes:  The link I've added to Vegas Rock Dog Radio is for her website you can find her podcast wherever you listen to yours.     The photograph is of Julia Green's creations, I thank her for letting me use it.  You can find her website at