What Happens If I Don’t Like My Dog Portrait?

I imagine that commissioning a portrait is a scary thing to do!   Putting my hat on as a customer, I try hard to think up all the questions that you might have about having your dog painted - so here is what would happen should you not like your painting…

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I’m just going to get this in once, it hasn’t happened yet!  That said, it could always be the case and I never, ever rest on my laurels!

So with that in mind, I’m happy to write about what I would do.

In the beginning stages, when you have sent your 6 - 8 dog photographs to me and I have done my work on them digitally,  I set about working on paper and then onto canvas.

At this point, I will have sent you an email entitled ‘Not Finished Yet’.  This photograph shows you where I am going and I ask for your immediate thoughts before I proceed any further on it.

That’s an important step.

Assuming we have chatted, tweaked and discussed how you feel about your painting, I go further on with my work.

In my mind, I employ a ‘three tweak rule’.  This states that I am happy to change backgrounds, perhaps even start again or change the dogs composition, but only amounting to three times.

Our three tweaks would be:

  • Making the changes suggested in our ‘Not Finished Yet’ email
  • Changing the background colour
  • Moving the composition of the dog.

Let’s just assume for the sake of this blog post, you really still didn’t like your painting having had your three tweaks, our options then would be negotiation and chats!  

I’d be reluctant to pay you back the full commission value due to the time I will have spent on the canvas, but we can talk about this.  

From this point and put simply you would either take the painting as is, or not have it at all.

It’s always a gamble commissioning an artist, but being as well versed as I am (have been practising now for over 20 years) I am very experienced and will take you through it step by step.

The key is good, clear, enjoyable communication.

At this point I’d like to refer you to my new Trustpilot page which shares wonderful words from my past 12 clients, all independently written up via this external review site.  I can’t look at them too much as they make me blush!

Do you have any other questions about having your dog painted?  I’d love to know them and they really help to write about them publicly here on my blog.  Simply email me on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk

You can find some more answers to my most FAQ’s here.


Thanks to Debby Hudson of Unsplash for this fab image.