Do You Take Your Dog On Holiday With You?

It's holiday time - beaches, rest, relaxation, alongside traffic jams, warm sandwiches and family niggles - all normal stuff.   I can't wait, only this year, we are taking the train - so what happens to the woofer?  

Dogs & Holidays - what do you do?  Samantha Barnes Artist &

Are you going on holiday this year or enjoying some time off at home?  We are doing both.  The children and I are going to visit friends in the West, and Carl will be at home decorating (hurray, no don't feel sorry for him - he's looking forward to it - honest...).

Our plans mean that for the best part, the woofers in our family are sorted.  But what about you? 

Do you take yours to the local kennels?  Dog Hotel or have a dog sitter that takes in your beloved best friend for overnight stays?  When Barney was little, he went for overnight stays at our local dog sitters, but now he's slightly older and dare I say grumpier, I'm not sure he'd be so happy.   If we lived closer to family, it would be a no-brainer but alas no so.  

OR... do you take your dog on holiday?  There are some fantastic holidays that welcome our dogs.  A quick dip into Dog Friendly and we see all sorts of dog-comes-too options.  Is a family holiday really a family holiday without our happy, wet, sand-laden dogs smelling out our cars?  In truth, I'm not sure.

So, over to you - what are you doing?  I'd love to know


Thanks to photographer Dan Freeman and unsplash for this photograph