Did Someone Say Sausages? Uber Treats For Our Best Friends..

Barney LOVES a sausage, it's his all-time best thing like ever.  He will do practically anything, the children's homework, the ironing, hoovering the stairs, anything for a banger.  Oh OK, not really but am sure he absolutely would if he could!

Training Barney was easy peasey for two reasons.  The first was his obsession with a ball and secondly, his love of a sausage - or part of one each time he learned something.  I have to admit to being a "WARM SAUSAGE" shouter across my local park when coming across someone training their wee pup.  Mostly, my tip is welcomed and an arm is waved - or perhaps I could read it the other way in that they are quite simply telling me to jog-on through smiley gritted teeth?!  Either way, Sausages are the thing for Barney.

Of course, we must adhere to your dogs dietary needs and not all dogs can handle such foods, even in tiny particles.  If this is the case then you have my sympathy as this precious tool, the warm sausage got me everywhere I needed to be with a very young Barney.

What is your dog's best treat?  Blog post from ipaintdogs.com

There are of course, all sorts of treats out there that you can buy in order to treat your dog as they learn, and all sorts of guidance about how much, often and what for. 

I can only speak personally but I found cooking an extra (I'll have to whisper as Barney is in the room and if I say the saus... word he'll be all over the place with excitement) banger, then chopping up into tiny weeny peices and freezing to defrost as needed the perfect solution.

So now over to you - what are your dogs delectable treats?  I'd love to know

Best, Sam.