Fido DOESN'T do Fireworks. November 5th for dogs...

Remember, remember the 5th November…. BONFIRE NIGHT here in the UK. Fireworks, lots of ooohs & ahhhs, it’s a tradition. Wrap up warm and head out to your local park, only it’s best to leave your furbaby at home.

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It’s a strange celebration really. In 1605 Guy Fawkes (along with some other darstedly plotters) attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. They were foiled and the date has become ingrained in our yearly diaries over the latter centuries.

I remember well celebrating the date with my family year on year, fireworks, community spirit, toffee apples and bonfires and being wrapped up tightly with gloves, hats and multi layers of socks wedged into my welly boots, heading into the dark dark night with my sister, happy memories indeed.

You know where I’m going with this?

Yes, our dogs and pets. Rather like my last blog post about Halloween, you might think that the fun-police are out again! I promise I’m not, I’m just raising awareness that on this date, the sounds of the fireworks can scare the didgeridoo out of our pets, so let’s make sure they are thought about and considered before the day itself.

I have a friend whose dog is sooo nervous, it needs to take medication on 5th November to get it through, really hard not only on the dog but the dog family too. Other friends set the telly up to seriously loud and snuggle in for the evening, blanket over the knees and perhaps some snacks (for humans) too.

There are tricks if your dog is truly nervous and has form of hating Bonfire night. If not, like Barney, I still need to consider him and make sure he’s ok before we head out to our local park.

These are what I’m planning to do.

  • During the day itself I’m going to take Barney for a megawalk to make sure he’s truly knackered in the evening!

  • I’ll feed him a hearty favourite supper, again to make sure he’s as satisfied as can be before the fun begins.

  • If we decide to stay in, we will do the telly thing - putting it up loud until about 10pm when it all calms down again.

  • If we go out, I’ll leave the radio on (this is normal for when I leave him) and some lights on in the house.

If your dog is nervy, I would suggest a lovely chewy something as a mega-treat which will hopefully keep him/her occupied for the duration. The more meaty and interesting, the better.

Have a dig around Google too for advice on nervous dogs and firework noises, am sure you will find a gazillion more good ideas.

The key is in giving it a little thought before the night itself and if I could ask you just one thing…


Best, Sam