Clearing The Decks With An UBER Sale of Original Artwork

I had no idea how much work I have stashed away in my studio, until recently when I was asked to hunt something out for a client.  Shocked by how much I have (when I thought I didn’t have much) I’m holding a MEGA Pre-Christmas Sale this weekend (Coming online soon too).  When was the last time you had a proper clear out? I’d love to know.

As an artist I’ll admit, I start projects and sometimes and part-finish them.  I squirrel things away for future use, get consignments back from galleries where 2/3rds have sold, the rest stay in the box and worse, I forget to look in my planchests in order to know what I have in there.  Hmmm.


The process began in late August and in short, I have stacks of work that need rehoming.

So I thought, how about a Sale - further thinking lead me to a Pre-Christmas Sale and...wanting to bring my clients value and clarity, I decided to offer ALL these works at the following prices.  £20, £40 or  £100.

That’s it.  

Samantha Barnes Art Sale, 2018

Firstly, this FRIDAY, 5th October 6 - 9pm I’m having a do. For those that live locally to me, I’m taking over The Wild Strawberry Cafe, a gorgeous place with even more gorgeous owners and staff. My work is dotted all over the walls and during the evening, I’m inviting all to come and have a proper root through my boxes of prints, stacked originals and other gems too. Come if you can, it should be a blast.

For those that don’t live locally, fret not. I’ve saved plenty of work to bring you too.

Towards the end of October, early November, I’m bringing my massive uber sale to my website.

You can sign up for EARLY ACCESS TO MY ONLINE SALE! 12 hours of perusing and purchasing ahead of the crowd. To sign up for the early keys, simply head to the button below.