Dreading Winter? Read this.

Yes, it’s colder and there are very real reasons to be feeling a little down about summer being over. Recently however, I read an article about embracing the coming winter season rather than dreading it and I have to say, it’s rather worked. From heat to hygge doesn’t have to so bad, as long as candles are involved.

From Summer Heat To Winter Hygge by ipaintdogs.com

How do you cope with the season change? In truth, I’ve found they effect me more as I’m getting older. Spring into Summer is joy for me, Winter into Spring also lovely, Autumn into Winter though used to fill me with thoughts of winter jumpers, winter walks with flasks of hot chocolate for the children, forethoughts of Christmas, Bonfire Night & Halloween, today however, I struggle with the change and I find I’m not so excited.

Having visiting some gorgeous second hand stores over the half term, I now have a pile of books to indulge in.  The first of which is Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

I’m into about a third of this book now and boy it’s interesting.  I’ve always been partial to an afternoon nap but this book is a deep look into our thought patterns around rest and how we now believe that the busier we are, the more productive.  Not so at all. Will write more about this book on completion of it, but am enjoying it thus far.

Back to the article I read in one of the Sundays about embracing the season change, rather than dreading it.  The nub of the matter is to make our home surroundings as lovely as possible, especially in the cold afternoons and evenings.    

When I say lovely, I don’t mean, getting the artex plastered and buying new carpets (would be nice though) I mean, by arranging a den-like atmosphere in which to snuggle

For me, this involves a lovely sofa blanket or two (look second hand, there are some lovely ones) candles of course (either the fire ones or the little bulb ones if your children are tiny).  Rugs are good too, get up into your attic and dig them out and place one over another.

For Barney (my dog) I’m going to invest in a new coat for him (again look online, there are always ones people are selling privately) and perhaps a new blanket for his bed.

Telly is good here too.  The obliigatory box set helps no end, film after film expands the mind or getting into my pile of books I mentioned earlier.

SAD, Sun Addiction Deficiency is a real thing too.  The NHS recommend a light box as they are thought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep, easing SAD symptoms.  A quick google and you can easily find one.

My last plot is to gather in all the gloves, scarves, hats and woolies BEFORE we desperately need them!  Seeking out the missing glove as the children are late leaving for school will only serve up stress, this year I’m on it.

So, over to you dear reader.  Do you have any more thoughts on helping us into the forthcoming season?  I’d love to know.

Best, Sam

Go forth, and snuggle.

All links and suggestions are unsponsored. Thank you to Elora Allan of Unsplash for the photograph.

Rest, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.  ipaintdogs.com
Light box for SAD ipaintdogs.com

Light box for SAD.