Strike NOT Horror into the Heart of your Hound this Halloween....

Halloween, 31st October sees the world turn black & orange as we celebrate all things dark and mysterious. Great fun for us humans, utter madness for our furry friends. How do you do Halloween in your house & does this include your dog?

Halloween Hounds by Samantha Barnes

A quick whizz through Google tells us that we can buy all sorts of outfits for our dogs to join in the fun of Halloween - sweet looking pumpkin outfits, deely boppers and cloaks galore. Brilliant, for the children but (be totes honest here) how do you think your dog would respond if it were asked ‘Do you mind if I dress you up in this for the evening?’

There are dogs of course that might well LOVE this, basking in the attention ladled upon it, others however (like Barney) that would absolutely hate it.

If you are a dresser-upper of your dog, I ask you (on it’s behalf) that you dress her/him according to how you think it would be comfortable. A pair of deely-boppers if he/she is comfortable in them.. but the full she-bang of itchy outfit to be laughed at might be horrible.

You know your dog better than anyone, everyone loves to play with their woofers, but perhaps just dress up your dog for a photo and then release them back into their natural form and leave them be.

My last mention on Halloween is that you put your dog away somewhere where it’s going to be happiest as those trick or treaters head up your path and ring your doorbell. Barney will be in the kitchen complete with water, blanket and his bed - away from the front door as I know that the visiting children may well get freaked out by a jumping, over excited cocker spaniel - in turn, Barney can’t be expected not to be utterly freaked out by a couple of skeletons, a witch and perhaps a couple of monsters coming to the door!

Enjoy your date with spooky happenings and remember, it your date, not your dogs.

Best, Sam