How Do You Wear Your Car?

My darling family-wagon is nearing kaput,  so it's time to look at other cars which will tick the boxes for us.  I have one dog, two children, lots of art to move about, a sturdy husband at over 6ft and I'm unashamedly sturdy too  - choosing our next motor has lead to some necessary navel gazing about our vehicular values. 

How Do You Wear Your Car?  Samantha Barnes is

What do you love about your car?  What do you think it says about you?  Anything goes and no judgement cast I promise.  Things I love about my current car:

  • It's a working beast
  • I absolutely don't mind it being muddy, dusty and filthy on the outside - inside it needs to be semi-decent - not sparkly clean (others might correct me here)
  • It has a couple of nicks in it, the boxing on one of the wing mirrors is no longer there
  • There is a broken plastic casing on one of the rear indicators
  • The hubcaps on the wheels are held on with cable ties.
  • The radio only plays Radio 1 - great for the kids, annoying for us but then again, we get to know all the latest tunes, many of which are joyful.
  • I can fill it to the brim with paintings, easels, desks - trips to the recycling centre are a joy.

Things I don't love about it:

  • It's not very snazzy
  • I can't get Radio 4
  • The engine light is constantly on

I find looking for new cars immensely stressful.  Too large, too high end, too small -  on and on it goes.  I find myself thinking of others, about how they view their own cars.  

Primary concern is safety of my family and others on the road.  A car can easily become a killing machine - a shocking thing to hear,  I was told this when learning to drive and it took a long time to gather full understanding of this concept.  The amount of material mixed with the weight of the vehicle which meets speed - needs full respect for the sea.  Safety is top of my list.

So for now, I'm sticking with my tired old Xafira - again.  Hoping that rather like house hunting, the right car (or maybe even van) might find me instead.

I'd love to know how you view your car - do you love it or loath it?  How did it find you?






Thanks to Dan Gold on Unsplash for this image