7 Ways That You Can Do Your Dog Art Yourself, I'm Serious...

Would you love to have a bespoke painting of your dog made by a professional artist?  Can't quite make the stretch?  Here are some idea's to help you get creative and paint your woofer yourself.  

I've recently introduced a long-term part-payment system for my dog portraits.  They are going down well, the idea is that you can make up to 10 payments for your commission, thereby spreading the cost of your painting.   Being an artist, I fully understand the restrictions of cash flow, therefore, I am delighted that this offering is being really well received.

However, I do have some ideas about you could bypass me completely and make art your beloved woofer yourself!  Some of these involve computers, others by hand.  Halt all thoughts of not being able to do it and simply have a go!  I'd love to see how you get on.

Let's use this image of a beautiful Schnauzer...called Ben!  (I've just made his name up but he looks like a Ben to me.)

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com


1.  Digital Drawing.

There are packages & websites online that will convert your photograph into a sketchy drawing.   This image below is made by simply uploading my pic of Ben and converting it into a line drawing.  I used a website called Rapid Resizer  It's sweet but he looks a little severe, still definately worth a play around with.

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

2.  Graphite Pencil Drawing, made digitally.  The picture of Ben below was made using Funny.Pho.to  This is much more like it.  Again free and easy to use.  I like this one, although his eyes seem to be little on the squew.. you may need to tweak once you've printed it.

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

3.  Print out & Paint over.

This option is a really lovely idea.  I saw it once on a room-makeover show.  The idea is that you find an already framed picture in a second-hand shop, take out the image (careful of the glass obvs) and simply make it your own.  You could paint over it, draw, add, etc etc.  The boundaries of the image you have will show you where to work.  Simple, lovely to do and you can absolutely do this one yourself.

4.  Draw Freestyle.

Those pesky mutts never stay still, do they?  But, this is something you can use to get your drawing skills up.  I have sketchbooks filled with super quick line drawings of dogs, some of my best paintings have come from these.  Don't be too hard on yourself and just enjoy the drawing.  When you have one you like, pop into a frame and up onto the wall - you can do it.

5.  Learn Online

Last Summer, I did a course online that took me through the perspectives of drawing animals, particularly faces - noses, eyes, etc.  It was slow, quite frustrating and I lost hours watching youtube films that offered me some gems but not many.  In the end, I did a course which was transferred to me by downloading it - all 8 hours, (my computer nearly blew up on me).  The course was film-taped in the 80's but I stuck with it and am really pleased with the results.  There is no point in my referring you sadly as the course is no longer, but huntaway and you will find a course for you - trusty Google should help here.

6.  Ask your kids to do a drawing of your dog!

Ok, so they may not be technically brilliant but guaranteed, they will be full of life and the kids with LOVE doing it, especially if they know it's going on the wall on completion.

7.  Use Photography

Much as it would be lovely to commission a professional dog photographer, again the spends are an issue here.  So, dig out your camera, use your smartphone and get down onto the floor with your dog and snap away.  Don't think too much, just take about 20 images.  Once you have them, scroll through and see which ones could be tweaked.  There are some great free apps that you can use directly from your phone such as  VSCO  or your camera library itself will very likely offer tweaking services!  Once you have your image - head to your local Boots The Chemist or any of the shops that you use which have in-store printing services, you'd be surprised how many of them have.  Take 5 mins out to get your chosen photograph printed out and framed there and then.  You may have talents that you never knew you had.

I hope all these idea's have helped.  Of course, I'd love to hear from you and if you are interested in my painting your dog for you, email me on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk  I'm very flexible and happy to hear from you.

Best, Samantha