Is Your Dog Your Baby?  As my children grow, my dog will always be my baby…

I read recently that when we speak to our dogs in baby voices, it enhances our bond with them.   I WAS SO HAPPY about this - being a squealing-baby-speaker to Barney if I haven’t seen him for a few hours.

Baby talk for dogs -

In truth, I have tried not to but repeatedly failed miserably.  My family collectively raise eyes to the heavens as I rush to my furbaby on entering the house.  I LOVE him as much as he loves me – the thing is that he knows it.

Yes, it’s very likely that I have spoiled him (bad mummy) and he probably shouldn’t sleep on my bed each night (I can’t help it).  Barney comes to work with me each day and offers non-stop ‘mindfulness pauses’ for me to down tools and give him a hug and some love.

He’s a good boy, doesn’t want for much other than his daily walks, to be near us and for me to be nearby when he is confronted head on by a black Labrador (he get’s very worried about them?  I mean really….)

So I’ll be continuing with the goo-goo Barney speak, how about you?