Let's Pawty! Celebrating Doggy Birthdays.

Have you ever held a Birthday party, for your dog?  Are you tempted? Meet Darcy…

We love our dogs, if you are reading this then you are likely to be as hooked on your dog as I am mine.  However, I’ve not actually ever held a birthday party for Barney...his birthday is next month and I’m tempted.

Dog Birthday celebrations, ipaintdogs.com blog post

What would this doggy party look like?  Who would come? What would I serve foodwise?

I posted a request for a 5 min chat with anyone that has held parties for their dogs on my ipaintdogs facebook page.   My lovely followers were happy to help and I found Sarah, dog parent to her beautiful Tibetan Terrier Darcy, 4.

Darcy is Sarah’s first dog and she is utterly devoted to her.  Deciding to celebrate Darcy and the love of her breed, Sarah and her husband are an active part of a Tibetan Terrier (TT) Facebook group.

Each year, she invites the group members to a Darcy’s Birthday doggy meet-up.  These yearly events are held country-wide and include an en-masse dog walk, doggy (goody) bags, cream tea for the owners, a toy or a ball for each of the furrbabies - how sweet is that?

Party hats are not involved, Sarah said, but Darcy’s birthday makes for an ace TT community event,  with one lady travelling from Wales in her campervan for their last event, held in Petersfield in Hampshire.  There are normally between 10 -20 dogs each year.

Sarah has also discovered a love of home baking for dogs, she makes organised pet biscuits and cakes for dogs, I’m both intrigued and hooked.

Talking with Sarah, left me in awe of her community spirit and her commitment in celebrating the love of her dog.

As for Barney, well I think I’m going to have to up my game this year.

More soon


Many thanks to  Sophie Elvis on Unsplash for the above photograph & Sarah & Darcy for the one below.

Doggy Birthday Parties by ipaintdogs.com

& here is a very happy Darcy with a BEAUTIFUL Birthday Cake made by her mummy Sarah. You can order a cake too by contacting Sarah on… MrsMoosCakes (LOVE it!)