Lots of Dogs? Let's Paint Them All!!

Do you have more than one dog?  No problem, let's paint them all.  In fact, lets paint ALL your dogs that you have ever owned, together in one collection of happy woofers.  Tomorrow, I'm going to see a client that has 9 dogs and I absolutely can't wait!!  That's nine individual portraits nine individual dogs.

Dog portraits by Samantha Barnes ipaintdogs.com

My husband's aunt lives on a farm in Scotland and to our amazement, they once had up to 27 dogs.  All living in the farmhouse with their own special places around the house, a carpet of dogs whom had gone there to retire.  What a retirement.  Hills, fells, loch's the works - most importantly the legendary Aunty Fra who loved and cared for them all.

I can absolutely believe that it's easy to keep adding to your pet family.  Goodness knows that I would, likely in my later years, I'll be just like Aunty Fra (here's hoping anyway) with tons of dogs and perhaps some recently freed chickens too.  I can only hope.

So, back to my meeting tomorrow with my dogparent of 9.  We discussed the possibility of my painting all of them and together we worked out the perfect solution for her.  Small, individual canvases at 15cm x 15cm, beautifully grouped together by background colours and perfect positioning anywhere in her house she would like.  

People often ask me if I can paint two dogs on one canvas, the truth is that I prefer to paint then one by one on separate ones.  My reason being that my paintings often contain lots of texture and if you have one hairy and the other smooth, I'm not convinced that they don't look a bit at odds with each other on one canvas, that said, I'm happy to accommodate my clients wishes.  Perhaps two dogs in their entirety on one massive canvas would look stunning.  I digress, apologies.

This commission is exciting for me, 9 dogs is my record yet for commissioning, so I'll bring you a case study soon to let you know how I'm getting on.

 Thank you to   Hannah Lim  on  Unsplash  for this photograph

Thank you to  Hannah Lim on Unsplash for this photograph