My Prices Are Changing - Why?

You may have noticed that my painting prices have changed, this must look VERY strange but here in this short post, I'm going to explain why and how ultimately, it's going to benefit you. - Samantha Barnes Artist

I painted my first ipaintdogs portrait last November (2017) can you believe it?  Only 9 months ago, and a bit like a healthy pregnancy, my new business has blossomed.  In this short period, I've have periods of being so busy that I added extra evening shifts in my studio (which I love) and -  I've experienced lows of having absolutely no orders, (February) leading me to think that it was all over (until the orders started coming in again in March).  

Deciding that I needed some proper business coaching, I worked with the wonderful Kayte Ferris of Simple & Season, enrolled with Janet Murray in her Soulful PR Studio and enlisted the help of a wonderful business coach to help me with the numbers, a man called Philip Budd.  As you can see I am taking ipaintdogs seriously .  Planning my business in order to offer the very best service I can, for the right amount of money - making it sustainable and long-term.

Philip has really put me through my paces in dog-painting financial planning, Kayte with ethical marketing practices and Janet in growing my confidence and learning from her educational masterclasses and webinars. 

I have a thing that I  want to offer something that I personally could afford!   So, my price points are now going to start with a 30 x 30cm canvas, a size that I've not offered before.  This painting size will offer mainly face-on portraits of dogs which is something I think my clients will love.  This size painting will be £225 including P&P within the UK.

I'm going to be introducing some more items too.

Handsigned Art Prints of my Dogs, on paper, on canvas and edition prints that I have made on my press in my studio.  All are currently in development.  My new pricing structure has been meticulously planned over all my products and services and quite frankly, if I write out all the calculations once more I think I will go gaga!!  So many numbers, refreshes and sums to get them perfectly right.

In truth, I'm not sure how to go about spreading the word about my price tweaks - if I make a proper ole shebang about them or let them slide onto my website and 'soft launch' them.  That's a marketing question for Janet Murray and the team.  

I'm off to do some more research, for now though, rest assured I'm plotting away to make my all my dog art, not only the very best it can ever be, but the most affordable and cost effective too.

Best, Sam x