Is There a 'Too Far' In Dog Grooming? Not so in Cardiff & Chepstow Apparently..

Time to take Fido for a haircut?  How about a PAWDICURE or a PHOTOSHOOT on the side?  Welcome to the world of Mucky Pups Salon.

A couple of nights ago on the rare occasion of having the telly to myself, I was wilfing through (WILFING stands for 'what was I looking for?' btw)  BBCiplayer as you do these days, and came across 'Puppy Love' - a short half-hour programme (or rather dogumentary) about two Dog Grooming Salons owned by the same crazy, dog-loving lady called Leanne and her wonderful and equally dog-crazy family.

Puppy Love BBC Dogumentary,

In this programme, we were introduced to a whole manner of experts in their field, dog groomers turned artists which can turn your dog into a funky, coloured, space dog, or Pomeranian into a lion - I kid you not.   This is a whole world where a love of dogs is taken to a new extreme.

Dog owners, also known as 'Puppy Parents' dress themselves and their dogs in matching outfits, Halloween is a whole new thing and to complete this fascinating insight into these salons, we were treated to a Fashion Show at the crescendo of the show.  Dotty, or rather should I say, Doggy?

To me, there were two overarching points to this programme, firstly was complete and utter love and unashamed celebration of it.  The connection of humans to dogs as our children, some admitted to keeping their dog as they would their child, and the other was the vast amounts of money people will spend.

It was an eye-opening watch.  I was left feeling a bit unsettled by the attention these dogs where given - I don't know enough about dog behaviour to make an educated guess as to if they were enjoying it or not, they seemed to be unsettled at times - understandable as this is about as far from normal dog life as you can get, on the other hand, who wouldn't LOVE the attention lavished on them?

But, I did enjoy the creativity in this programme.  Living art on these animals and the dedication and training it takes to become an expert in this field.  Leanne is obviously a shrewd businesswoman and I applaud her for what is evidently a thriving business.  

I wonder if she wants any paintings?

Best, Sam