One Dog Thought Per Moment -  I Had A Revelation Today...

Why do we keep dogs?  Why do we love them so much? Why take on the responsibility for another life, character, mouth to feed and more?  

On my morning walk this morning with Barney and his cousin George, I found myself thinking about why I love having a dog, caring for it and being responsible for another four-legged life.  

Samantha Barnes Artist is blog post

I went through the immediate thoughts, companionship, utter devotion and more, but getting to the nub of the matter, what is it that I I see in my dog that makes my heart jump?

Being a dog portrait painter, I see the beauty in each of the woofers I’m working on an relish in the stories that I am given in order to really get to know the individual.  When I’m at home going about my daily life, Barney is there, ready and willing at any moment to connect with me via my patting him on the head, a quick glance or a simple hello.

I think it’s these moments that offer me the most from my dog.  Those exchanges that happen between us.

Watching the wonderful Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, aka The Supervet giving a welcome at one of his DogFest Events (you can find them here) he talks about dogs only ‘having that moment - they have no past, they don’t hold grudges, they don’t plan and likely only think in future terms about their next meal.  

Dogs live in the present, the now and this is why having a dog is so good for me.   

Does your dog remind you to live more in the now?  I’d love to know