Separation Anxiety. Me Or The Dog?

Yesterday I left Barney at a friends house -  he was going for a walk through the woods with my friend and her dog.  As I drove away, seeing his nose pressed through the gate my heart melted. Do I need to toughen up or just enjoy the fact that he absolutely adores me?

Separation Anxiety.  Me or the Dog?  Samantha Barnes Artist is

I remember when I used to leave my 3 year old son at nursery school.  He created merry-hell and wailed and wailed until I was in a proper state too.  Once home, (sobbing too) I’d ring the school immediately to find out how he was and... it was the same story EVERY day - in the short time it had taken me to walk home, he’d tried his tears and run off to play with his friends.

It was awful to endure and yesterday, I felt a big slice of that once again - only this time with my dog?!

Barney knows our routine, we go to the studio together and we come home together.  During our time there he sits in his chair and sleeps, and keeps time with some sort of inner clock that tells both he and I when it’s time to go home (for his tea primarily).

So when it changed, as it did yesterday, he was distraught as I left.  Telling myself to woman up I drove home and got on with my day.

About 3 hours later Barney was returned, happy as can be, covered in mud and ready for tea. Once our happy reunion was had, he stuffed his chops and proceeded to sleep and sleep and sleep.  He’d had a ball.

I was surprised at my own reaction.  At just how much I love & depend on my dog.  Without him by my side I miss him, even for a short while. I do leave him at home sometimes but in truth, not often and very rarely over 4 hours as I get worried that his needs to pee.  He gives me regularity during my day and now that both my children are at school, he’s my company.

When Barney reaches 7 or perhaps 8, I’ll have another woofer by then.  To soften the inevitable blow that comes to all us dog owners, until then, I think I might just need to put on my game face a bit more and recognise that my dog is my dog - and not my baby.

Baby steps first.

Has your pet become central in your life?  I’d love to know


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