The Supervet. I'm Completely Smitten.

I’m a bit in love with Professor Noel Fitzpatrick...actually I’m smitten.  His Channel 4 programme, The Supervet is completely addictive and what he can do with a titanium pole or two, makes my eyes water…

Have you seen The Supervet?  If not, and you are a dog lover, you are in for a treat.  In a nutshell, Noel Fitzpatrick is a vet-come-mad inventor (think Caratacus Potts) who saves canine lives in amazing ways.

The Supervet.

His Surrey practice is huge with about 120 staff and his is the vetinary building that, not being horrible, you don’t want to take have to your dog to because, quite frankly, if you need to go there, your dog is poorly, very poorly.

You are referred to Noel Fitzpatrick when your own vet isn’t either qualified enough, or doesn’t have the facilities to do the life-saving turns that Noel can do.  He is sometimes turned bionic, deservedly so.

From the 5 or so programmes I have watched, I have seen this wonderful vet replace legs and actual dog feet with titanium poles, screwed and secured into the remaining tibia or the existing bones left in the dog.  His ‘feet’ are rubber balls which imitate feet, it’s astounding.

I’d love to think that there could be a cross-over between his regular practise on dogs, and us humans, to think that lost limbs could be replaced with prosthetics that don’t need to be attached is almost mind blowing.

So, as you can see, I’m hooked.  

His own dog Keira is a Border Terrier and I think I can feel a fan-painting coming on.

Enjoy the watch and perhaps bypass the popcorn, it’s not that type of viewing.

Sam x

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, The Supervet